The founders of Great Range Capital have worked on approximately $5B of private equity transactions across a broad range of industries and deal types.

Both partners are Kansas City natives, graduated from the University of Kansas, and worked for well-known and respected private equity firms on the east coast prior to establishing Great Range Capital.

Ryan Sprott - Managing Partner
Paul Maxwell - Managing Partner
Mark Robinson - Vice President
Pete Fields - Associate
Larry Flanagan - Associate
Jeremy Smith- Strategy & Operations Executive
Tracy Christian - Chief Financial Officer


Market Ambassadors

Dan Bales - Executive Partner, Oklahoma City
Jim Bishop - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Tom Chulick - Executive Partner, St. Louis
Jack McKinney - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Michael J. Shonka - Executive Partner, Wichita
Dennis Stara - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Greg Vasek - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Phillip G. Webb - Executive Partner, Omaha


Advisory Board

A. Joseph Brandmeyer
David B. Dillon
William P. Egan
W. Thomas Grant, II
Scott C. Marden
Dominick J. Schiano
Charles Yoon


Operating Partners

Bob Fasso- Chairman
Jeff Hale- Operating Executive

Michael J. Shonka

Executive Partner, Wichita

Michael (Mike) J. Shonka currently serves as a director for a large aerospace company and a small custom metal business. He has served as a director for public, private equity, and family/employee owned businesses. His corporate governance roles have included membership on audit, compensation, special litigation, and independent directors committees. He also provides consulting services, principally for strategic planning, performance improvement, and business transaction purposes.

Previously, Shonka served as the executive vice president and chief financial officer for Cessna Aircraft Company, which was the leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. Shonka also provided leadership to transform Cessna’s captive finance entity into a competitive advantage through global financing of aircraft sales.

Prior to joining Cessna, Shonka was the CFO for a regional, publicly traded banking company in Kansas. He also served as the controller for a large publicly traded banking company in Oklahoma. Prior to his 20 years in banking, Shonka worked for the Ernst & Young accounting firm.

Shonka received degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Northern Colorado. He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Financial Executives Institute.