The founders of Great Range Capital have worked on approximately $5B of private equity transactions across a broad range of industries and deal types.

Both partners are Kansas City natives, graduated from the University of Kansas, and worked for well-known and respected private equity firms on the east coast prior to establishing Great Range Capital.

Ryan Sprott - Managing Partner
Paul Maxwell - Managing Partner
Mark Robinson - Vice President
Pete Fields - Associate
Larry Flanagan - Associate
Jeremy Smith- Strategy & Operations Executive
Tracy Christian - Chief Financial Officer


Market Ambassadors

Dan Bales - Executive Partner, Oklahoma City
Jim Bishop - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Tom Chulick - Executive Partner, St. Louis
Jack McKinney - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Michael J. Shonka - Executive Partner, Wichita
Dennis Stara - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Greg Vasek - Executive Partner, Lincoln
Phillip G. Webb - Executive Partner, Omaha


Advisory Board

A. Joseph Brandmeyer
David B. Dillon
William P. Egan
W. Thomas Grant, II
Scott C. Marden
Dominick J. Schiano
Charles Yoon


Operating Partners

Bob Fasso- Chairman
Jeff Hale- Operating Executive

Phillip G. Webb

Executive Partner, Omaha

Mr. Webb serves as President of Kernen Capital, LLC and oversees the activities of Wellspring Capital Fund, the purpose of which is to distribute the of earnings from the fund to underwrite charitable activities. They invest primarily in private equity with a target exit of five (5) to seven (7) years and with an emphasis on Midwest based-firms.

Prior to his role at Kernen Capital, he served as Chairman of Redstone Communications, Inc., an Omaha marketing firm. Earlier he served as President and CEO where lead the management team in a buyout from World Marketing. Previously he managed the Mutual of Omaha account for a national advertising firm with offices in Omaha. He spent five years before that at First Bank System (now US Bank) in Minneapolis as advertising director and director of regional marketing.

Other past and present leadership roles that Mr. Webb has held include: President of the Arthritis Foundation/Nebraska Chapter, President of the Literacy Center of the Midlands, President of the United Way of the Midlands Foundation, member of the Siena/Francis House homeless shelter board and the City of Omaha Urban Design Review Board. He holds a BBA in marketing from the University of Iowa.