Who Said It’s Impossible to Get a Private Equity Internship?

handshake private equity internshipEvery summer, we welcome college students (typically between their junior and senior years) to intern with us at our Kansas City-based private equity firm. GRC’s internship program is competitive since there aren’t many programs offering private equity experience. Our interns help us source deals, evaluate transactions, and monitor our portfolio, all while getting a chance to learn how we combine institutional-grade private equity with our Midwestern values and culture.

And our internship program isn’t finished in three months. We’re more than happy to use our network to help GRC interns find full-time jobs upon graduation. GRC interns have secured positions at highly respected organizations such as:

Guggenheim Investments, New York City
UBS, New York City
Stifel, New York City
Morgan Stanley, Houston
William Blair, Chicago
SunTrust, Atlanta
Robert W. Baird, Milwaukee

After all, we were college students once, too, counting down the months to graduation and looking forward to heading off to investment banking jobs on the east coast before we came back to Kansas City and founded GRC.

Once our former interns are settled into their new positions, our door is open when they have questions or need career advice about moving to a new company, a new industry, or back to the Midwest. Of course, we can help with connections in the private equity area, too.

Who knows… maybe one of our interns will follow in our managing partners’, Ryan Sprott and Paul Maxwell, footsteps and bring their experience back to Kansas City. Just ask Larry Flanagan about former interns returning from the coast and being a good fit for GRC.