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Midwest Partnership Approach with Institutional Expertise

Great Range Capital is built on a strong foundation of Midwestern values, strategic vision and value creation. Our founders, Ryan Sprott and Paul Maxwell, are business partners and brothers-in-law. They are native Midwesterners and spent years at large investment banking and private equity firms on the East Coast, completing more than $5 billion worth of deals, before returning home to establish Great Range Capital in Kansas City.

What to Expect from Us

A Partnership Approach - Great Range Capital


Trust can’t exist without transparency. We speak openly and candidly, and we do what we say we’re going to do.

Straightforward, Honest and Fair Dealings - Great Range Capital


Businesses are driven by people. We strive to do right by you and your company and honor your company’s culture and history.

Flexible and Creative Solutions - Great Range Capital


One size doesn’t fit all. You deserve a path that’s uniquely tailored to you and your company’s goals.

Experienced and Strategic - Great Range Capital


We know enough to know that we don’t know everything. We play to our strengths and allow you to play to yours. This means we can let management “do their thing.”

Embracing Culture - Great Range Capital


We’re here to help you grow. Lean on us for strategy development, capital allocation and prioritization, acquisitions, financings, and board engagement.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking to partner with great Midwestern companies and executives. They typically have best-in-class products or services, rich histories and opportunities for continued growth. These companies are often owned and operated by families or entrepreneurs who are seeking a path to retirement, navigating generational transition, searching for a partner to help take the company to the next level, or simply looking for full or partial liquidity.

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Investment Profile

Investment Profile - Focus - Great Range Capital


Primarily in the Greater Midwest

Investment Profile - Sectors - Great Range Capital


Niche Manufacturing, Business/Industrial Services, Consumer/Retail, Healthcare Services

Investment Profile - Structures - Great Range Capital


Leveraged/Management Buyouts, Recapitalizations, Build-ups, Significant Minority, Structured Equity

Investment Profile - Financials - Great Range Capital


Revenue: $10mm+
EBITDA: $3mm+