2023 New Year’s Celebration: From Past Feats to Future Focus

If you were raised in a home where your height was regularly recorded on a door frame, you know the excitement that comes with seeing proof of your growth. The distance between those penciled in lines told your unique story, and the higher, yet-untouched trim filled you with anticipation for what was to come.

This past week, we gathered as a team to metaphorically add a new line to Great Range Capital’s growth chart: to remember and celebrate the wins that have taken place in 2022 while also looking forward to the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead. In fact, we’ve found that one inevitably leads to the other, because nothing motivates us for the future quite like remembering and honoring the hard work and hardworking people that got us here.

GRC’s growth chart for 2022 features changes in both our team and our portfolio. Here are some of the highlights:

  • GRC completed its 25th acquisition.
  • Applebus was sold to First Student, Inc., and Realm was acquired by Kamps, Inc.
  • Tom Volini and Wendy Buxton joined the Market Ambassador Program.
  • The Investment Team welcomed Associate Keaton Cross and Director of Business Development Monica Reinert
  • Desire’ Bates was promoted to the position of Director of Operations.
  • Portfolio companies SSG, Fairwave, and Realm acquired complementary businesses.

Turning our attention to 2023, GRC has a busy Q1 ahead, including finalizing two new platforms and working through a robust pipeline of additional opportunities. We’ve once again entered fundraising mode and our team continues to grow in both skill and size. In other words, we’re already plugging away at the feats we’ll be recounting and celebrating next January, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated along the way.

Monica Reinert
Director of Business Development
Office: 913-378-0853
Cell: 816-582-6863
Email: monica.reinert@greatrangecapital.com