2023 Summer Internship in Review (by the Interns)

In a world of Yelp and Google reviews, we rarely step foot into a business, whether it’s a coffee shop or a doctor’s office, without reading the experiences of others first. Traditional marketing has a place, but nothing rivals the influence of honest firsthand accounts.

As the 2023 GRC internship program comes to a close, we asked our interns to share about their experience with hopes of both learning from their takeaways as a firm and of sharing their “reviews” with potential future interns. Internships are notoriously frustrating and thankless positions, and while we do our best to explain how much we value our summer analysts, we know our words will never hold as much weight as our interns’.

That being said, we’d still like to try. We’re incredibly grateful that Emily, Jayme, and Jason chose to spend their summer breaks working alongside us. As always, the learning has gone both ways, and these bright, driven, and gracious young professionals are leaving GRC far better than they found it. It’s a privilege to be able to form these lifelong relationships, and we sincerely look forward to supporting our 2023 cohort in their future careers.

Now, we’ll yield the floor to our accomplished summer colleagues.

Emily Bechard

We were immediately welcomed and treated as an important part of the GRC team. Our ideas, thoughts, and opinions have been encouraged and given thoughtful consideration all summer. This internship has provided me with a foundation for my future endeavors by giving me the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that deepened my technical knowledge and grew my skill set. Moreover, every member of the team has offered their wisdom and guidance, and I’m so thankful to them for being my mentors and biggest supporters.

Jayme Opdahl

From the beginning I was warmly welcomed and made to feel like a valuable part of the team. GRC fosters an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages personal growth and open communication, and all team members were willing to share their knowledge and help whenever I had questions or faced challenges. The projects and tasks I’ve worked on have been rewarding in themselves, and the overall experience has been enriched by the relationships I’ve made and by the meaningful insights I’ve gained about myself and my career goals.

Jason Varghese

My experience at GRC has been incredible. Although the learning opportunities Ive had in terms of spreading financials, building valuation models, and presenting investment recommendations on live deals have been great, the best part of this internship has absolutely been working with this fantastic team. Everyone has been willing to sit down with me, mentor me, and patiently answer all my questions. Even little details like being invited to sit down and have lunch with the wider team every day have meant a lot. I will certainly miss seeing the GRC team (although I fully intend to stay in touch), and it will be tough to go back to school after such a wonderful summer.

If you’d like to explore our internship program for summer 2024, please reach out to internrecruiting@greatrangecapital.com. Updated information will be available in October.