GRC Interns Reflect On A Summer Well Spent

In some cases, an internship can reveal that what you thought was your dream job is actually a nightmare. In others, an internship can confirm your career aspirations and excite you for what’s ahead. After three months of working at Great Range Capital, interns Alex Barbee and Julia Parkerson thankfully fall into the latter category—but that doesn’t mean that they left the internship unchanged.

Internships are a two-way street, and we are grateful for the hard work that Alex and Julia have poured into GRC over the summer and for what we’ve been able to learn from them. We are honored to have been a part of their budding careers and will continue cheering them on and helping them in any way we can.

Before heading off to their respective college campuses for the fall semester, we asked Alex and Julia to reflect on what they learned. Watch the video below to hear about the new skills they’ve acquired, how their perspectives have evolved and what they plan to do going forward.