Great Range Capital Celebrates Promotions of Desire’ Bates and Henry Redmond

We believe that everyone is an investor. We all make decisions every day about where to invest our time, our energy, our skills, our knowledge, and our experience.

As a firm that employs incredibly talented and hardworking people, we know how valuable these human capital investments are to us as individuals and as a team. It’s why we strive to create an environment in which every team member can maximize the ROI on their most valuable resources. It’s also why we get so excited when we’re able to announce internal promotions and publicly celebrate the growth that’s been quietly taking place in the minutiae of everyday work.

On this particular occasion, we’re proud to share that two members of the Great Range Capital team, Desire’ Bates and Henry Redmond, have recently been promoted to the positions of Director of Operations and Associate, respectively.

Desire’ joined GRC as Office Manager in 2019, and under her leadership, our office has been much more than merely managed. She has repeatedly gone above and beyond to ensure our day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently. Some of Desire’s contributions include implementing a complex CRM system, managing internal IT, supporting marketing efforts, and upgrading our compliance program.

A former GRC intern, Henry worked in the Healthcare Investment Banking and ESOP Corporate Finance groups at Deloitte Corporate Finance before returning to the firm as an Analyst in 2021. Over the past year, he’s excelled in providing deal execution support, including financial modeling and commercial diligence, and in creating underwriting materials for several new deals. Furthermore, Henry has added value to GRC portfolio companies through the preparation of financials and board materials, strategic planning, and acquisition efforts.

“It’s humbling to reflect on the fact that these two smart, driven colleagues choose to be a part of this firm,” said Ryan Sprott, Managing Partner. “It’s truly an honor to get to reward the excellent work Desire’ and Henry have been doing and to be able watch as they grow in their new roles.”

We probably aren’t the only ones who feel like congratulating these top-notch team members. If you’d like to send some admiration and well wishes, you can reach Desire’ at and Henry at