The 2021 Market Ambassador Meeting: Major League M&A

2021 Market Ambassador AttendeesThe English language is rife with baseball idioms that work on and off the field. For example, you don’t have to play ball to throw out curveballs and ballpark figures. You don’t even need a bat to bat a thousand. You can be miles from the baseball diamond and still be off base, on deck, out of your league and out in left field. And you don’t have to be Salvador Perez to hit it out of the park. (More on that later.)

There are even a few baseball idioms that are helpful when describing GRC’s 2021 Market Ambassador Program (MAP) meeting held in Kansas City last month.

On the ball

In addition to discussing GRC’s updated branding and current portfolio performance, this year’s MAP gathering included a deep dive into market dynamics and how we’re working to stay on the ball in this uncharted and ever-changing pandemic landscape. On the one hand, the M&A market is robust, which is in part due to COVID pushing owners to reevaluate their succession planning as well as potentially looming tax changes. Deal flow is at an all-time high-so high, in fact, that we’re having to be highly selective with what we choose to review. But on the other hand, challenging labor markets and significant supply chain disruptions are making it difficult for companies to meet demand. Our approach is to proactively address these and other hurdles with both creativity and discernment, and we’re grateful to have our MAP team on board.

Knock the cover off the ball

If you’re wondering why we have America’s favorite pastime on the brain, it’s because we ended the day at Kauffman Stadium where the Kansas City Royals beat the Cleveland Indians 6-4 and Salvador Perez hit his major league-leading 47th home run. But what really knocked the cover off the ball for our group of M&A enthusiasts was getting to meet John Sherman, CEO and Chairman of the Royals, and Dave Schulte, CEO and President of CorEnergy and a Royals investor. Hearing how Sherman and his partners acquired our beloved team in 2019 and how he steps up to the plate to tackle a wide range of challenges left us inspired and invigorated to get back to work.

Deep bench

Speaking of inspiration, we know our Market Ambassadors bring a vast array of experience and wisdom to the virtual table from their various locations across the Midwest, but nothing compares to being able to learn from them in person (especially since we were forced online last year). This latest meeting reaffirmed that our Market Ambassador Program has a deep bench of talent, and the proof is in the numbers. Our MAP members increased leads by 60% in 2020 over the previous year and are responsible for four current active deals. We’re lucky to have these incredible leaders playing for our team.

Bases loaded

Despite the hurdles, we at GRC are feeling overwhelmingly optimistic and excited about what’s ahead for the firm-and we aren’t alone. “This year’s meeting was exceptional,” said Michael J. Shonka, Executive Partner, Wichita, Kansas. “It’s always a great pleasure to meet with the GRC team and my fellow Ambassadors. I believe we walked away from our time together feeling energized by the firm’s successes and the outlook for the future. I am pumped!”

More about MAP

GRC developed its unique Market Ambassador Program (MAP) to increase its visibility in the Heartland, ramp up acquisition activity and expand its growing portfolio. Distinguished Midwest-region executives are invited to join the MAP and represent GRC in their communities and networks. MAP executives have planted their roots and built their careers in cities throughout the Midwest. They are highly esteemed for their expertise and career accomplishments.

If you think you might be a good fit for the MAP or would like to recommend someone else, please contact GRC’s Business Development Director, Christie McFall, for more information.