Earl Kemper - Dental

Earl Kemper

Earl Kemper is a dental practice owner and manager, financial advisor, and Master Business Coach who specializes in dental practice growth. His 36 years of business knowledge and in-depth understanding of opportunities and challenges inherent to dental practices is a tremendous advantage for the dental enterprises he serves.

Mr. Kemper has coached hundreds of dentists through practice acquisitions, exiting their practice at maximum gains, escalating treatment conversion rates, increasing leads, and maximizing profit margins. He also helps leaders improve their team environment and work culture to the benefit of the practice.

He has coached more than 1,600 business owners who on average double profits within 36 months. Mr. Kemper is an authority in developing strategic alliance and referral relationships. He helps his clients achieve more with less by increasing their sales, profits, and most importantly, helping them achieve the vision they have for their business and life.

Mr. Kemper is the founder of Premier Advisory Group in Topeka, a business and organization growth powerhouse operating multiple companies including ActionCOACH Business Coaching, MotoVike Films, Bajillion Agency marketing, and Path & Pursuit Business Brokerage. He is also the founder of Pivot Dental, a coaching program designed to help dentists maximize treatment acceptance rates.

Mr. Kemper serves as a dental industry advisor and manager for Great Range Capital, using his extensive experience and connections to help businesses maximize profits and achieve their goals.