There’s No Place Like the Midwest!

KC Yellow Brick Road

“There’s no place like home.”

Dorothy’s words from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz have endured over the years because they speak to the simple truth that the place we call home has an incomparable hold on our affections. It’s why all of us at GRC—including those of us who moved away for school or work—eventually ended up back in the Midwest. There’s no place like it. And while we were convinced of this before the pandemic, the past couple of years have only reinforced our commitment to this region.

When the coronavirus first started to become a household name, no one knew what effect it would have on the world of investing and private equity. However, once the initial trepidation subsided, the industry launched into overdrive, laying the groundwork that would eventually lead to a record number of deals being done before 2021 came to a close. Like many other PE firms, the new year brought a flurry of activity as we onboarded new platform companies and deal flow remained swift. Even when industry-wide bottlenecks with legal and accounting support lengthened closing periods, deals were getting done.

During this novel and volatile time, we’ve remained focused on nurturing our new and existing portfolio companies and plowing forward with their growth initiatives. And as we wrap up Q3 and head into the final months of 2022, we can confidently say that there’s no place like the Midwest. We’re constantly inspired by the unwavering strength, tenacity and ingenuity of our partners—all qualities the pandemic has highlighted rather than dampened.

“We’ve been continually bolstered by the way our partners have risen to the challenges presented in the aftermath of the pandemic,” said Ryan Sprott, Managing Partner. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to come alongside and support these leaders as they navigate the future and fresh opportunities.”

Just like Dorothy, GRC will be spending some time out of Kansas in Q4

We have a full schedule over the next few months as we take in some great events and see some of our favorite people in the Midwest. If we happen to be where you are, let us know. We would love to connect.

6-8     ACG Great Lakes Capital Connection – Pittsburgh, PA
15       ACG KC Capital Connection – Kansas City
4-6     IABI Manufacturing Awards Dinner and Conference – Ankeny, IA
7         Market Meetings – Des Moines
20       GRC Annual Market Ambassador Meeting – Kansas City
25-26 McGuire Woods Independent Sponsor Conference – Dallas